Many rank Moroccan cuisine among the top 10 in the world, including Howard Hillman, New York author of several books on travel and world cuisine, who ranks Moroccan cuisine at number 6 on his list of the 10 best cuisines in the world. Mr. Hillman has been traveling the world since 1968 compiling and refining his list of the best places to visit and the best cuisines on the planet. So why does Moroccan cuisine rank so high as a world cuisine?

What Qualifies Moroccan Cuisine?

Moroccan cuisine is a sensual potpourri of multi-spice blends, delicious food pairings such as meat and fruit combinations often cooked together in a classic Moroccan Tajine pot. There are spicy stews also call Tajines like the pot they are cooked in, plus world-famous thrice-steamed couscous which is usually cooked with spices, vegetables, nuts and dried fruit. Other favorites include hearty Harira lamb soup, and sweet cakes and pastries often made with nuts and honey that are served at the end of a meal with Moroccan mint tea. Adding to the special flavors are a variety of infused oils, fresh herbs, and fragrant waters.

All About The Spices

Spices feature very prominently in Moroccan cooking. Common spices include karfa (cinnamon), skinjbir (ginger), tamira (paprika), gesbour (coriander) and zaafran beldi (saffron). Other popular spice mixtures include harissa, which is a paste made of garlic, chili peppers, olive oil and salt which adds a fiery kick to many Moroccan dishes. Another popular spice mixture is called ras el hanout, which combines anywhere from 12 to 100 different spices. All Moroccan cooks have their own special secret recipes for ras el hanout, so it's always a bit different!

Moroccan foods are meant to be savored with friends and family amid conversation and laughter. Moroccans are extremely gracious hosts and love to cook and share their meals. Meals are long and leisurely rather than the rushed "bite to eat" so common in America. Moroccan mint tea is considered an important part of social gatherings and making the perfect pot is somewhat of an art form. There's a thing or two Americans can learn about gracious living from a Moroccan host, who often offers guests food and tea within seconds of entering his home!

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