The hearty, savoury taste of Moroccan food is perfectly complemented by a refreshing glass of beer. If you're looking for something to drink with your meal at Kous Kous, here's some pairings that we're particularly fond of.


Zaalouk with Marea Roja by Aqua Mala Brewery

Marea Roja is a bright amber beer with plenty of hints of spice and a surprising amount of hops. Try having it with zaalouk, roasted eggplant flavoured with cumin, olive oil and lemon. The interplay between the two makes for a tantalising appetisers.

Couscous Pockets with Elemental Pilsner by Lightning Brewery

Couscous is a light but filling dish, making it a natural partner for pilsner. The lemony, grassy aroma of Elemental Pilsner belies the medium body of this beer, giving it a heft perfectly suited for our couscous pockets.

Merguez with Delicious IPA by Stone Brewery

There's no better way to frame the rich flavours of grilled meat than with an IPA. Delicious IPA is has a lighter mouthfeel than most of its kind, with a citrusy nose that will mingle delightfully with merguez, grilled lamb sausage. 

Veggie Berber with Red Trolley Ale by Karl Strauss

The complex combination of roasted vegetables, ginger and tomato waft temptingly from a bowl of our veggie berber. Red Trolley Ale, an Irish ale with delectable notes of caramel and toffee, echoes and amplifies the caramelized aspect of this dish's ingredients.

Beef Tagine with Honey Hips by Parallel 33

The trick with beef tagine is to choose a beer that will let the varied flavours of this dish shine without overpowering it. Honey Hips is a sweet blonde with a fruity nose and light body that provides a solid foundation to the tagine while you're digging in.

Want to make your night a special one? Have a beer and a Moroccan feast at Kous Kous, San Diego's premier Moroccan restaurant.