Morocco is situated in an area historically visited by a wide variety of groups from throughout the world, including European sailors, Arabic missionaries, and African merchants. Its cuisine is accordingly a complex one with a rich history that you can taste.

The Berbers who originally lived in Morocco brought to the world the iconic dish known as couscous, a delicately spiced bowl of semolina grains which rapidly became popular during medieval times and is still consumed worldwide today. We can also thank the Berbers for the tagine, which is used to refer both to a uniquely-shaped cooking pot and the rich stews that it is used to make.

Invaders from Arab lands relied extensively on preserved fruits and nuts for sustenance, two foods which were quickly adopted by the native Moroccans. They also brought with them the idea of combining sweet and sour flavors together, resulting in dishes such as sweet and sour eggplant.

The Moors introduced the Mediterranean staples of olives and pickled vegetables of all kinds, including our famous pickled lemon. Even later invaders such as the Ottomans and the French got in on the action, with the former giving us kebabs and the latter the pastry and wine culture for which the French are so well-known.

Nowadays, these dishes are all the rage in the new globalization of cuisine. Couscous is a familiar alternative carb dish for those avoiding unhealthy refined flours. The Mediterranean diet is renowned for its health-bringing properties, of which many delicious Moroccan meals are full candidates for consideration.

Most crucially, Moroccan food is meant to invite camaraderie among those partaking of the meal. The busy nature of contemporary society means that relationships between friends, families and business partners are more important than ever. What better way to become close to those we love and depend on than with a shared meal at a cozy Moroccan restaurant?

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