Moroccan cuisine has some of the most intricate, exquisite, and unexpected ingredients in the world.

Every level of flavor is followed up by one more delicious than the first. Imagine if you could cook these dishes from the comfort of your own home.

You don't need a flight to Rabat to learn the crucial components of Moroccan cooking.

To learn the 8 most important ingredients in Morocco, keep reading.

Moroccan Ingredients

1. Saffron

This gorgeous yellow spice is quintessential to hundreds of Moroccan recipes. It's used in tea, chebakia cookies, and many main dishes. You'll know it by its distinct scent and bright color. You can't make Moroccan dishes without incorporating saffron.

2. Olives

No Moroccan dish is complete without olives before, during, or after. These tiny bursts of flavor are used as condiments and garnishes for meals. They're even included inside favorite dishes like chicken tagine. Need a quick Moroccan appetizer? Olives are the go-to.

3. Semolina

To make Morocco's most famous dishes, you need a finely-ground flour. Semolina is the cornerstone of couscous, desserts, pancakes, and soups. It's a staple you'll find in every Moroccan's kitchen and in the fanciest restaurants of Marrakesh.

4. Honey

There's no better natural sweetenerthan honey. Morocco fully embraces this sweet ingredient by using it as a condiment, ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes, and even as a medicine. In Morocco, it also comes in different flavors like eucalyptus and za'atar.

5. Green Tea

Cultures all over the world embrace the soothing taste and aroma of green tea. In Morocco, it's been a cooking staple for centuries. They add their own unique twist to it of course. Mint leaves, wild geranium, and lemon are commonly added to the hot tea. Moroccans drink it with meals and between meals.

6. Sesame Seeds

Who doesn't love a sweet sesame seed dessert? Sellou and ghoribas are delicacies of Moroccan dessert parlors and bakeries. The magic ingredient is sesame seeds. Not only do they add sweetness, but they can add a nutty flavor to bread recipes and other pastries.

7. Preserved Lemons

You won't usually find this unique ingredient in North American dishes. In fact, you likely can't even buy them at your local grocery store. Luckily, Moroccans have perfected the recipe. You can easily preserve lemons in kosher salt for a month or two. Then, add them to any Moroccan recipe you aspire to make.

8. Smen

You may think you're taking a bite into bread with creamy butter, but that isn't butter. Smen looks like butter but has a stronger and more pungent flavor. But, don't let that stop you from trying it. Moroccans use this preserved butter on bread and in chicken dishes like chicken rfissa. You can buy it online, or make it yourself.

Want to Learn More About Moroccan Cooking?

This beautiful nation has everything you could ever want from a cuisine. There's delectable sweets, savory meats, and everything in between.Use the ingredients mentioned above to create Moroccan dishes from home.

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