Morocco is a country with a rich culture of art, literature, celebrations, and, most importantly, cuisine. To go there is to get lost in the spirit of the place because there is always something new to see or do or discover.

If you can't actually travel to Morocco to experience the cuisine there, eating Moroccan food close to home is the next best thing. Flavorful, authentic dishes will transport you to the cities and streets that make up the vibrant, diverse country.

While all Moroccan food is delicious, there are certain favorite Moroccan dishes that you must try if you want a truly authentic experience. They may be out of your comfort zone, but the results will be well worth it!

Below, we're reviewing traditional Moroccan food and the five most famous dishes that you should start with as you begin your culinary journey.

Moroccan Dish


1. Couscous

Couscous is a staple food in almost all Moroccan homes. It is typically served alongside the main protein, such as lamb, beef, or vegetables.

While there are boxed options available in most grocery stores, it is worth trying couscous made from scratch. The soft grain is made from wheat semolina and gets its flavor from a combination of cinnamon, bay leaf, and salt.

Once you feel confident preparing couscous, it will become one of your favorite go-to side dishes to serve with any meal.

2. Tagine

Tagine is an incredibly favorite Moroccan food, partially because of its versatility. The dish itself is a slow-cooked Moroccan stew, and its name come from the traditional clay or ceramic vessel that the meal is cooked in.

A tagine can incorporate any number of different proteins or flavors, and the experience of eating the dish is almost as relevant as its taste. It is best to eat the stew directly from the tagine vessel, using bread virtually as a spoon to scoop up hearty helpings.

3. Zaalouk

One of the great things about Moroccan food is that even when the ingredients are straightforward, the overall dish can be incredibly complex and flavorful. The whole is often more than the sum of the parts.

This is true of Zaalouk, a Moroccan salad made with ingredients like eggplant, tomatoes, and spices. It can be eaten on its own, as a dip for bread or pita, or as a spread on sandwiches. No matter how it's served, it's simple to make and delicious to taste.

4. Kefta Meatballs

Kefta meatballs start out just like all meatballs do--with ground beef--but the similarities stop there. What makes this food a staple of Moroccan cuisine is the combination of seasonings that flavor the meat.

Serve kefta meatballs with a simple side--like saffron rice or vegetables--so that the unique taste of the dish itself can really stand out.

5. Orange Cake

For those with a sweet tooth, no Moroccan feast is complete without dessert.

Moroccan Orange Cake is made with both orange juice and orange zest, giving it a bright flavor that contrasts nicely with some of the more substantial meat dishes Moroccan cuisine features.

Ready to Try Moroccan Dishes?

Moroccan food is the perfect cuisine for any occasion. It's great if you want to spend a night with friends, sharing a variety of Moroccan dishes. It's also perfectly romantic food for a night with the one you love.

To dine on the best Moroccan food, please come see us at any time.