The second most popular staple in Morrocan food, besides all the fantastic spices, is couscous. It can be used as a side dish or a main course and is very versatile. It is an excellent alternative to rice, pasta or bread.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, nutritious alternative for your meals, experiment with couscous. It's widely available, and you can do so much with it, the benefits of couscous are plenty.


Benefits of Couscous

The benefits of using couscous as a part of your regular meal planning are only limited by your imagination.


What is Couscous?

It is not technically a grain, but it is made from grains. It is made from wheat, barley, and other grains. Traditionally, it was made from the hard part of the grain that was not ground up in the mill.

It has a long shelf life, comes in different sizes and types and has nutritional value. The couscous available is mostly in instant form for easy, quick cooking and is even possible with a variety of flavor packets.



Couscous has a high dosage of selenium, which is an antioxidant, it is high in fiber, and contains protein. There is no sugar or fat, and the whole wheat version has more nutritional value.



The taste of couscous on its own has a slightly nutty taste, but you want to add flavor to it. That is a significant benefit, as you can add anything you like. The instant couscous comes with a wide array of characters, but you can make it savory, sweet or use it as filler in dishes.



This is where couscous earns its stripes. You can do almost anything with it. Hot or cold, use it for all your favorite recipes.



Try it cold as a hearty and filling salad. Try the Moroccan traditional recipe or make up your own.



Add it to make your winter soups thick and nutritious. You can use it as the base and build up your favorite soup or just the 'everything goes' type of combination.



Makes a nice change from rice or potatoes and you can flavor it to compliment your main dishes. It contains fewer carbs than pasta and makes a subtle difference.



Here you can use it as a base for anything. Make your favorite stir-fry and have it over the couscous instead of rice or pasta. You can use the flavors from your main protein to taste the couscous while cooking and it works with vegetables and even your vegan choices for protein.



Use your couscous as a base for desserts, like couscous pudding or mixed with fruit. You can even use it to make your favorite energy bars, using all your favorite ingredients.


Couscous for All!

There are a few of the benefits of couscous. Now you get out there and find your own. We highly suggest you let the experts show you around the Moroccan palate to get you started.

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