Tagine is both a type of dish and cookware used in Moroccan cuisine. The tagine is North Africa's version of stew. It is also the region's version of a slow cooker. Designed with a large plate about 3-4 inches deep and a cone-shaped removable top, the pottery is placed in an oven to cook.


Moroccan cooking is well-known for using this earthenware to cook dishes known by the same name. The tagine works very much like a crockpot, using the natural liquid in the foods to steam cook the food over an extended period. Some recipes can be made using this method. Here are three cookbooks to help you get started on your tagine adventure.

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Tagines & Couscous: Delicious Recipes for Moroccan One-Pot Cooking

Author Ghillie Basan is Cordon Bleu trained and has traveled extensively throughout the region to bring you this delightful assortment of recipes. This cookbook focuses on the traditional Moroccan cuisine of tagine and highlights the use of lamb and chicken with some fish and beef recipes. The cookbook also discusses the use of traditional fruits and vegetables like raisins, preserved lemons, and olives.

Vegetarian Tagines & Cous Cous: 60 Delicious Recipes for Moroccan One-Pot Cooking

In this cookbook, Ghillie Basan provides vegetarian versions of traditional Moroccan cuisine. These recipes include all the flavors and spices of the region. Some of the recipes highlight cheeses of the area while others are vegan-friendly.

The Tagine Cookbook: Recipes for Tagines and Moroccan Dishes

Maryanne Madden is a British author who provides recipes that you can make in your tagine or crockpot using all the traditional Moroccan flavorings. She offers easy recipes for the novice cook. 

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