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If you're a fan of Moroccan cooking, you probably know that there is a huge difference between the traditional and the modern kitchen. There are methods of preparation, garnishes, and even serving styles that make them quite different from each other.


The Tagine


While the tagine is the most common cookware found in the Moroccan kitchen, it is associated with the more "antique" kitchen because it is only used in dishes that require slow cooking. Nowadays, because preparing food in a tagine takes longer than cooking in a crock pot, it's not the preferred method.



Paula Wolfert, the premier authority on traditional Moroccan fare, says that the only food that can be considered part of traditional Moroccan cookery are foods that are from Morocco proper. Any food that has its origins from other places like Nice, France, for example—as is the case of kalinte, the Moroccan "street bread" that has its origins from the French region—can't be considered Moroccan. 




While some spices are considered traditionally Moroccan, thanks to the internet and the increased quality of food available, many modern Moroccan chefs use the flavors they desire, creating an almost-fusion dish.

The modern Moroccan cuisine is all about embracing different styles, textures, and aromas. At Kouskous, we serve traditional Moroccan cuisine with a modern twist. You'll love our take on some of the more traditional dishes like Shak-Shouka or our more modern dishes like ginger garlic mashed potatoes.

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