The Annual Jidar Street-Art Festival in Morocco is just one of the many ways Morocco celebrates the vast amount of art, beauty and cultural diversity present in the country. Art, in any shape or form, has the unique ability to connect individuals and provide a common ground for generations that becomes a way to bond. Street art, in particular, has the unique qualities of being both contemporary but rooted in history and culture, and can cross generational divides to provide a connection between different age groups.

The annual Jidar Street-Art Festival is a beautiful event that turns the city of Rabat into a living canvas. Artists from all over the world are chosen to participate, and event organizers say they look for factors such as if the artwork is “inspired by their national heritage, the ancient cultures of their countries or simply for their fascinating works,” when choosing the participants.

Event co-organizer Mohamed Mehri went on to explain what the underlying idea was for organizing the festival and the first time, and why it is so necessary for the Moroccan people to experience. He stated, “the idea is to bring art onto the streets because Moroccans have a hard time going to galleries and museums. Most people think these aren’t for them but the elites, so the idea is to bring it onto the street, so they will see that art is beautiful, that there is an aesthetic, and that there are good things about it."

There is no denying the street art festival has been a huge success and has brought a significant amount of artwork into the limelight for others to enjoy. To see some of the best street art from the festival, please see The Huffington Post's collection here.

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