If you are like us and you love the food, the history, and the rich culture of Morocco, perhaps it is time to take your appreciation to the next level. Experience everything Morocco through literature by reading one of these masterpieces that provide unique insight into the land that gave rise to the flavors and spices we highlight at Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro.


Voices of Marrakesh. In this collection of essays by Nobel Prize-winning author Elias Canetti, he recalls the sights, sounds, and smells of the city during his visit. Poetic and poignant, this powerful small book captures Morocco a moment in time and
 reads as a timeless classic.

Larabi’s Ox. This contemporary fictional piece by Tony Ardizzone follows three separate travelers to Morocco with different goals and intents. The setting becomes the subject as each visitor to Morocco must confront themselves while dealing with the new environment, culture, and landscape.

A Rare Blue Bird Flies With Me. Historical fiction meets mystery in this romantic tragedy by Youssef Fadel. Set against the backdrop of the failed coup in Morocco against King Hassan II in 1972, it follows the story of a woman whose husband went missing the day after their wedding.  

The Caliph’s House. This amusing story by Tahir Shah follows the author as he moves his family to Morocco and attempts to renovate a home for them. Between the culture shock, traditional beliefs, and local adamance that the home is haunted by Jinns, the story is an enthralling account of contemporary life in Morocco.

The Sand Child. A tale meant to challenge the societal norms and French occupation of Morocco by Tahar Ben Jelloun; this story features the gripping account of a daughter raised as a son in an attempt to thwart inheritance laws during the 1950s. Both a reflection on the culture of Islam and gender identity, this is a must-read for any student of international literature.

A good book is like a good meal. It should be savored and appreciated. Bring your curious mind and palette to Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro and enjoy authentic Moroccan fare. Contact us to make your reservations today.