If there's a correlation between the time it takes to prepare food, and a good result, then Moroccan food would qualify as one of the best cuisine in the world! Yes, it takes a while to prepare a Moroccan meal, but the results are well worth the wait!

If you've never tried a Moroccan dish before, try these dishes first for the quintessential first-time experience of Moroccan food:


You may have seen a Tagine, and wondered what it was used for. The beautiful pot, called a Tagine, is used to make a variety of delicious stews that are also known simply as Tagines! Your Moroccan host may prepare a Tagine with chicken or lamb, but whichever meat is included, it will simmer slowly with a plethora of vegetables and spices until everything is infused, tender and delicious!


You can't have a first-time Moroccan meal without tasting one of the country's signature dishes -- couscous! But not just plain old couscous. Moroccans infuse their staple side dish with delicious spices, raisins, and vegetables!

Harira Soup


Another signature Moroccan dish is Harira soup. Often used as a starter to a meal, it's also eaten on its own for a light lunch since it has everything needed to make it a balanced -- and yummy! -- meal. The tomato-based soup is filled with nutrition powerhouses like chickpeas, lentils, vegetables and tender meat. Add some hearty bread and it's perfection in a bowl!


This exotic-sounding dish is used as a dip for bread and like most Moroccan recipes, Zaalouk is downright delectable with eggplant, onions, tomatoes and spices. It makes a great first dish and a great (and healthy) snack as well.

Moroccan Mint Tea

This sweet mint tea is served with every meal -- and it's not in a tea bag! The mint is fresh and plentiful, topped with sugar or sugar cubes and then covered in hot water to meld the flavors together.

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