Action Bronson, a musician and former chef from Queens, New York recently visited Morocco to feature the country's cuisine for his new show on VICELAND, an edgy, independent cable network featuring a variety of documentary style programs on topics including food, art, and music.

Bronson was compelled to visit Morocco for his show after seeing Andrew Zimmern, of Bizarre Foods fame, visit the country where he ate dishes such as lamb head and khlia, a dish consisting of fat-preserved beef often served with eggs. 

The rapper and his friends started their trip in Casablanca on a Friday, which visitors to Morocco know is couscous day as the dish is traditionally served on Fridays. As such, the group dined on a variety of couscous dishes, including couscous with seven vegetables. Later, they traveled through the country making their way to Marrakech where they spent their time in the city's famous Jemaa el Fnaa. 

In Marrakech, Bronson was apparently excited to try as many of Morocco's offering as possible, something most of us do when we encounter the mouth watering smells of the market. Starting with escargot, the group ate their way through the food stalls arriving at the grills where the smoky smell of fire-cooked meat sings its siren song attracting all visitors of the market. How could they resist? Later, the group chowed down in Lamb Alley where they ate all parts of the animal including the head, which Bronson had seen on Andrew Zimmern's show.

Check out the video below for a trailer and catch the full show on VICELAND.