Planning food for a party can be a headache! These tips will help you relax and put together a DIY  summer party. Whether you’re planning a college graduation party, a birthday, or a welcome home party, these scrumptious tips will make your guests happy. 

Planned main dishes:

Forget about boring burgers and hotdogs. Instead, serve make-you-own tacos stations! This is fun and ideal for parties. Give guests options of chicken, steak,  ground beef or ground turkey. Put out decorative bowls filled with lime wedges, cheese, salsa, bean dip and any other side dishes you wish to put out. As new guests arrive, you can warm up tortilla shells for their tacos and refill the bowls. Don’t grill all of the meat at once because you’ll want to save some for guests who arrive later. 

Quick and Tasty Dips

You can’t forget the guacamole! What’s taco party without the Guacamole? Stock up on avocados for the party ahead of time so they can ripen just in time for the party. If they are still too firm the day before, just put them in a brown paper bag, and they’ll be ready for you to whip up your chip dipping guacamole.You should also consider making an additional dip, like salsa or hummus. 

Finger Foods

Serve kafta kebabs for your guests. They’re easy to pick up and don’t require sitting down with a plate and utensils. This is also a great idea if you have a lot of guests attending. Kafta kebabs are easy to prepare and a meal that your guests will enjoy.


You should stock your fridge with canned and bottled drinks, but you can take it up a notch by adding flavored lemonades to your drinks. Since summer is here, pick up some refreshing lemonade, like blueberry or strawberry. 

Sweets & Deserts

End the celebration with a sweet bang! You can get creative with pastries by decorating cupcakes with unique toppings, or decorating a cake with fruit or candy.  

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