Sometimes you just want a change in your food, or you might just be curious about trying different types of food. Instead of using white sugar all the time, there are other ways to sweeten your food. There are alternatives to white sugar that are also natural sweeteners. 

Natural sweetener is something that a person can grow, harvest, and process themselves without using chemicals, enzymes or machinery. There are many sweeteners on the market nowadays that claim to be “natural.” Here’s a quick list of natural and not natural sweeteners and then, this blog will go more in depth on more popular natural sweeteners. 


Agave nectar: Not natural

Maple syrup:  Natural

Miel de Agave (traditionally made agave nectar): Natural

Honey: Natural

Truvia: Not natural

Sorghum syrup: Natural

Turbinado sugar: Not natural

Sucanat: Natural

Sugar alcohols (xylitol and erythritol): Not natural


Let's go more in-depth on some of the more popular natural sweeteners:


Stevia is a herb without sugar molecules, but still tastes sweet when you eat it. This is a great option when you’re trying to reduce sugar intake or go low-carb. It’s questionable if the white  powdery version of Stevia sold in the stores is natural, but there are ways to add the green-leaf stevia into your diet. You can add the natural leaf, stevia, in your herbal teas before brewing in order to add sweetness. There are various ways to use the green leaf stevia, like for sweetening homemade chocolate milk and many other foods that you enjoy. 


Coconut Sugar

You can use this in baked goods or other recipes that call for white sugar. Substituting coconut sugar for regular does not dramatically alter the final consistency or flavor of a recipe. Adding unnecessary sugar to your diet isn’t healthy, but at least with coconut sugar you know you are adding something natural to your diet. 


Raw Honey

Raw honey can be used to sweeten hot beverages, dips and dressing. You can also drizzle it on your oatmeal to add some sweetness. You might want to stay away from substituting it for granulated sugar because honey has a strong and different flavor, and it can change the consistency of your recipe. 


Maple Syrup 

Put this on top of your pancakes for natural and sweet flavor! You can also make whole-grain pancakes if you feel like being healthy.


Sorghum Syrup

You can also use this type of syrup for your pancakes. You can find this syrup being used most in the South, but is most popular in Africa. You can also try it in a pecan pie recipe!

Next time you feel like switching things up a bit, refer to this blog for various natural sweeteners. Enjoy!