Oh no, you left the cookies in the oven too long! Don’t worry that can be fixed. We’ve all made a kitchen mistake at least once. Learn how to fix your planned out “Pinterest perfect” dish that turned out to be a disaster. 

Mistake #1 The Gravy is Too Lumpy

Simply fix this by grabbing your blender to blitz away unwanted lumps. This will make your gravy silky smooth. 

Mistake #2 The Chili is Too Spicy

No worries! Dairy mellows out spicy. Top your chili with lots of cheese and sour cream and your chili will taste even better, without being too spicy. 

Mistake #3 The Mac and Cheese Didn’t Brown

If you’re making this dish casserole style, then you want a crispy and golden top. If it is cooked all the way through and it still hasn’t browned, then pop it in the broiler. Keep an eye on it and watch it until it's brown enough for you.  

Mistake #4 The Lasagna is Sliding

If your lasagna layers are sliding, you might have cut it too soon. Just wait 10 minutes before cutting anymore pieces. Don’t worry if your serving looks a little sloppy. It will still taste good!

Mistake #5 The Fries Came Out Limp and Greasy

To fix this mistake, hotter oil should help. Boost up the heat on your burner and toss your fries back into the oil until they are golden brown.

Mistake #6 The Cake Layers Came Out in Pieces

This is an easy fix. Sometimes when you remove cake layers from the pan, it doesn’t come out all in one piece. Just use the icing you were going to use to ice the cake, and glue together the pieces with it. You can camouflage all the cracks and not-so-pretty spots on the cake.

Mistake #7 The Spaghetti Sauce Tastes Too Salty

This one is an easy fix too. Just add more tomatoes or a splash of lemon, and this will add more flavor and balance out the salt. 

Mistake #8 The Cookies Burned

See this as an opportunity to make even tastier cookies! Scrape off the burnt bottoms and spread frosting, ice cream or whip cream on the cookie. Then make a sandwich with another cookie on top. Yum! The wet filling softens the cookie and masks the burnt flavor. 

Mistake #9 The Dip is Too Thick

It’s so disappointing when you dip your chip and it breaks when you try to scoop it up. All you need to do is whisk the dip to loosen it up and add a little water if you need to. 

Mistake #10 You Can’t Get the Banana Bread Out the Loaf Pan

If your banana bread or pound cake is being stubborn, start by cutting out one piece on the end. Then use a spatula to loosen and lift the cake out. 

Mistake #11 The Pie Crust is Burnt

If the crimped edge turned out black instead of golden, just trim it off! It’s as simple as that. There’s plenty of crust on the top and bottom to enjoy.