It’s always a good time for festivities in Morocco. Cultural, historical and religious holidays are some of the holidays celebrated in the Kingdom of Morocco. You can find a festival at any point of the year that can last from a few days to two weeks. Most of the celebrations follow the lunar calendar in Morocco. This makes it difficult to judge which dates holidays will fall on, but this also makes it exciting to do something out of the norm, like following the lunar calendar.

Moroccan festivals are can include anything from dancing, fasting, and feasting. This just depends on the type of holiday that is being celebrated. Moroccan celebrate all of the festivals and religious holidays regardless how long it lasts. Visitors from other countries who live in Morocco also take part in the celebrations.

  1. Timitar Festival: The huge festival features over 40 artists and about 500,000 people attend. Timitar Festival is considered one of the biggest festivals in Morocco. The festival is a mix of musician from Morocco and around the world. Tamitar is different from other music festivals in the Kingdom of Morocco because it focuses on Amazigh culture. It’s an annual theme is “signs and cultures” including traditional and modern performances and musicians.
  2. Rose Festival:  El Kelaa Des Mgouna: This festival takes place in May and is an annual three-day rose festival. El-Kelaa M’Gouna is a city in Morocco known as the valley of roses. Famous for its landscapes of pink roses, the souk area of El-Kelaa Des Mgouna is occupied by the festival. Visitors from all over come to the festival to celebrate, and see who is elected as the Rose Queen to reign over the rose crops.
  3. Fes Festival: Celebrated for 10 days, this mid-summer celebration takes place in the imperial city of Fes. The festival was created to show musical traditions  of sacred, spiritual music and world music. Fes Festival is unique because it encourages the audience to participate in in the spiritual values that the festival is rooted from.  
  4. Sufi Cultural Festival: This is an eight-day festival that is always in April, and it celebrates Sufi music and spirituality. The festival celebrates by bringing together religious leaders in Sufism and artists around the world. Locals and tourists can expect ritual performances, morning poetry readings, films and oriental art. Visitors at the festival get a chance to learn that Sufism emphasizes love and peace.
  5. Gnaoua Music Festival: This festival is held in May and focuses on the traditional Gnaoua music. There’s also jazz, rock, pop and contemporary music, and musicians from all over the world are featured in the festival. Gnaoua music comes from sub-Saharan Africa and has evolved to include Berber, African and African spiritual and religious songs. The music festival is located in Essaouira.
  6. Imilchil Marriage Festival: This annual festival takes places every September in Imilchil, located in the lake plateau of Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This is known as the September romance festival that features the Ait Yaazza culture where there is an annual collective marriage where women search for their husband.
  7. International Film Festival Marrakesh: Held in Morocco, this four-day event is usually in the fall or spring each year. This is Morocco’s largest event for a film. As the film industry is very important in Morocco, the films shown at the festival are used as a powerful tool for educating.
  8. Fantasia: This festival consists of horse riders who wear traditional clothes and charge in a line. Inspired by the wartime attacks of Berber and desert knight, Fantasia is considered a cultural art and a form of martial art.
  9. Paris-Dakar Festival: This two-week international car race is the most famous in the world. This event is for thrill seekers because it's known for being a bit dangerous. The first few days are for warm ups. This festival takes places in other countries, but in Morocco it is the most challenging. The courses in Morocco are about 300 kilomerters long, with the final phase being 325kilometers between Ouarzazate and Tan Tan. 
  10. Ramadan: Taking place in the ninth month of the lunar calendar, Ramadan is when Muslims fast for a whole month. As a time to purify the soul, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drinks and physical needs in the daylight hours. This time is devoted for refocusing attention on God and practicing self-discipline and sacrifice.