Have you thought of volunteering overseas? Volunteering doesn’t have to stop at your hometown; you can be involved in philanthropic work anywhere you please. There are many programs in Morocco that will fit the interests of many people.


How Can I Get Involved in Morocco?


The government in Morocco does provide some free and subsidized health care, but rural communities have limited access to trained providers and medical treatment. This is where you come in. You can help assist doctors or nurses during free check-ups and consultations through a medical caravan or at an under-staffed community clinic. 

Gender Equality

Traditionally, gender roles in Morocco consist of men taking the dominant position, while women are confined to take on roles that are less dominant, like taking responsibility of keeping up the household. Not all people in Morocco believe in this gender divide, however, since it does still exist there are issues with women men receiving the same education and earnings in the work force. So how can you help? 

You can volunteer with one of the many community centers or women’s groups in Morocco. You’ll get the opportunity to teach vocational skills and teach and encourage women how to earn their own income. You can also teach languages and basic literacy to help men and women gain control of their lives. Are you the artsy type? You can teach art classes. Are you athletic? You can teach classes that involve physical activity. All of these option will teach those you’re helping about personal growth and development. 


Morocco offers free education to children, however, many children cannot take advantage of this because they need to help take care of their families or they can not attend due school being too far and not having transportation. Due to these circumstances, the failure rate is high among students. Obtaining a high school diploma also involves mastering languages like English and French. Where do you fit in here?

You can help students in Morocco by teaching English. You can also lead extra-curricular activities, like leadership, journalism, and social service projects. You can enrich their educational experience and create more involved students who will contribute to society. 

Environmental Conservation

Trash disposal is an issue in Morocco, and unfortunately you can find public areas littered with trash. As a volunteer, you can assist with trash pick-up, and teach the principles of trash conservation to youth.