The obsession with craft beer in San Diego is unreal. As you walk through the shore you might even hear some people chit chatting about beer. Beer is so big in San Diego that it has become part of the identity, just like surfing and the sun. 


How to Locate Beer in San Diego


You will be able to find brewery maps and coffee table books with San Diego’s breweries in it. Here are some brewery guide books and maps that will help locate some delicious craft beer:

  • San Diego Brewery GuideThis guide features more than 95 breweries, detailed trip planning information, beer tasting notes and more.

  • San Diego Brewery Guide Map: This map will make it easy for you to plan a brewery tour. It organizes the county into three sectors, which includes major freeways and roads. 

  • San Diego Brewers Guild Craft Beer Map & Guide: San Diego is known for its award-winning brewers. This will  give you a list of restaurants and pubs in the area. 

There’s an app for that:

Taphunter is an app that will update users on which beers are on tap in San Diego’s bars and restaurants. 

Take a Tour:

There are bus tours in San Diego that you can take, and on the tour the tour guide will point out breweries in the area. Take a brewery tour! A lot of the breweries in San Diego also have behind the scene tours where you get to meet the brewers and learn about the process of beer making.

Beer Festivals:

San Diego Beer Week is an annual event that takes place from November 2 to November 11.

As the nation’s #1 destination for craft beer, San Diego has over 115 craft breweries. Don’t forget there are usually opportunities to sample these craft beers at the actual brewery or even at events. At the brewpubs, you’ll enjoy yourself as you indulge in some fresh beer and indulge in tasty food made by award winning chefs.

Two of Kous Kous’ craft beers that are on tap were featured in Best Coast Beer Fest in March. Those refreshing beers are Hillcrest Brewing Company and Karl Strauss Brewing Company. The San Diego Tribune listed the top ten beers in San Diego bars, and Kous Kous’ partner, Karl Strauss made the list. 

Top 10 Beers in San Diego Bars

  1. Karl Strauss Brewing Co.
  2. Ballast Point Brewing Co.

  3. AleSmith Brewing Co.

  4. Modern Times Beer

  5. Societe Brewing Co.

  6. Coronado Brewing Co.

  7. Mother Earth Brew Co.

  8. Stone Brewing Co.

  9. Green Flash Brewing Co.

  10. Lagunitas Brewing Co.