14 Fun Facts About California Wine

California is one of the top searched regions when it comes to winemaking. Did you know that owls, falcons, bats, chickens and sheep are some of the animals used to control pesky critters from getting to those delicious grapes that make our favorite wine? Find some other fun facts about winemaking in California here.

  1. Woah, that’s a lot of wine! If you didn’t guess it already, California is the leading wine producer in the U.S. California makes about 90 percent of all American wine.

  2. Why is the wine and food so great in California? California is a pretty big state which means that there is a wide range of diverse soils, and the California weather helps the soil produce fresh crops. An outstanding 110 varieties of wine grapes are grown in California, and this is only one of the 400 agricultural products produced in the golden state.

  3. You can do more than taste wine at a winery: Yes, you read that right. Wineries in California offer more for visitors to explore and enjoy. More than 100 wineries in the state offers art displays and fine art museums. Wanna grab a bite to eat? About 65 of the wineries offer restaurants, and 118 of them offer wine and food pairings. For entertainment, you’ll find music and theater performances in over 50 of the wineries. You can’t get bored at a winery, especially when you have all of your favorite wine at your fingertips.

  4. Can you guess who’s making more wine than California? The golden state takes fourth place when it comes to leading wines producers in the world. So who is taking the lead you ask? You guessed it, it’s Italy, France and Spain.

  5. Acres and acres of wine grapes: About 526,000 wine grapes are made in California. That’s a lot of grapes! Get this, less than one percent of California if taken up by vineyards.

  6. Which one is your favorite? The most popular wine made in California is Chardonnay. Not a fan of Chardonnay because it doesn’t make your taste buds happy? Well, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, White Zinfandel and Pinot Grigio are also some California favorites. If those still don’t make your taste buds happy, then don’t worry because there are many flavors to satisfy your palate.

  7. It’s California so of course we have to include the stars! Can you guess which stars either co-own or own a winery in California? It’s Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Peggy Fleming, Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, racecar driver Randy Lewis, “The Bachelor” reality star Andrew Firestone, and retired NFL football coach Dick Vermeil.

  8. How can I tell if my wine is really from California? It is required for wineries to put information on the label about where the grapes were grown. The wine label term is called an appellation. So, if you look at your wine bottle and the label says “California,” then that means 100 percent of the grapes were grown in California. This is also an appellation.

  9. What does “estate grown” mean? Wine lingo is easy to pick up. You’ll find that a wine label can say “state grown” which means that the all the grapes are grown and located in the same viticultural area. This also means that the winery owns or controls the vineyards and your wine was made by the facility on the estate.

  10. More wine lingo. Can’t decipher the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? There is actually no difference, but the origin of the names are different. Pinot Gris gets its name from its pinkish-gray grapes that it’s made from. “Gris” means gray in French and “grigio” means means gray in Italian.

  11. Can you name two movies that made California wine popular? In 2004, after the main character in the movie Sideways talked about varietal wines, Pinot Noir became very popular. In 2008, the movie Bottle Shock made California wine popular through the storyline of California wines beating French wines.

  12. When was the first wine grape planted? The Franciscan missionary Father Junipero Serra planted a variety called the Mission grape in 1769. His goal was to make wine for the church.

  13. A California wine grape survived the prohibition. Can you guess which one? It’s ZInfandel! It was shipped to home winemakers who were able to make about 200 gallons of wine to enjoy at home.

  14. California uses great practices.  To ensure your wine is divine and sipping ready, the state follows sustainable winegrowing practices. Growers and vintners in California produce wine grapes in an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manner. The winemaking community in California has the most widely known green winemaking and winegrowing program in the world.

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