Moroccan Jewelry: Pieces of Jewelry You May Not Know About

Jewelry is an art form and can have deep meaning tying back to the rich cultural history of its creator. Jewelry in Morocco usually comes in high quality gold or silver. In the south of Morocco,  you can find beautiful Berber necklaces and bracelets.

Silver is a popular choice of jewelry among Moroccans. It’s frequently made by Morocco’s native Berbers. Traditionally, Berber women wear silver jewelry, and especially family heirlooms for marriage. Gold has also become a popular choice that modern Moroccan women wear as well, as it is seen as a sign of wealth.

Fatima’s Hand

Fatima’s Hand symbolizes the hand of Muhammad’s daughter.  The elegant piece of jewelry represents important values in the Moroccan community, such as loyalty, patience, faith and resistance against difficulties.  It also symbolizes good luck and protection.

Fatima’s hand can be worn any many ways, like a necklace, ring or bracelet. It’s also hung in houses and is believed to bring protection to the house, like preventing the house from catching fire. The main belief of Fatima’s hand is that the wearer will be protected from misfortune and illness.

Berber Jewelry

Family customs and traditions embedded in berber jewelry is what makes these family emblems so special. Men in Berber families usually will buy a piece of jewelry for a woman in the family like a wife, sister or mother. When you look at a piece of berber jewelry you’ll see that it was made to identify Berber tribes or certain regions of Morocco. You will even spot the evil eye on some of this jewelry, because different pieces have their own spiritual meaning.

If you’re ever in Morocco, you can find some of these beautiful pieces of jewelry at a souk.  Shopping at a souk is an exciting experience because it’s a major part of Moroccan life. Visit different towns in Morocco to get different souk experiences. Happy shopping!