Have you ever dreamed about traveling to another country for spring break? Morocco is an ideal country for travelers to visit in the Spring. If you like sandy beaches with blue water, food that will satisfy an foodie’s appetite and beautiful architecture, then Morocco would make your spring break unforgettable.


Things you won’t want to miss in Morocco

  1. Essaouira is a city where you can enjoy windsurfing and sun tanning.

  2. Fez is the city where you want to find a souk and shop! This city is drenched in culture where you’ll find beautiful Moroccan goodies as you shop.

  3. Are you a spa person? Visit a hammam in Marrakesh for a massage. Don’t forget to ask for argan oil, which comes from the fruit of the argan that only grows in Morocco.

  4. Put your sun reflecting clothes on and ride a camel on the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

  5. Visit the blue city Chefchaouen. Yes, the city really is blue!

What’s the best time of year to visit Morocco?

Spring is the best time to visit because the weather is good across the whole country. If you’re looking to visit the Sahara region, then you should avoid midsummer. If would like to visit in the hottest months, then visit the coastal cities, like Essaouira, Tangier and Rabat.

One thing not to forget when planning a trip Morocco, is to take the holidays into consideration. The month of Ramadan will limit you in some aspects, like transportation and dining options. However, this is a spiritual time when you can feel connected to Morocco and its people. You would have the best time in Morocco in the spring, when the weather is great and you can enjoy all of the fascinating attractions the country offers.