Four Ways to Explore The Blue City in Spring

Morocco’s Blue City is becoming the new “it” place. Located in Chefchaouen, the city gets its nickname from the beautiful blue buildings. To get into the spirit of spring, the Blue City is an ideal place to visit in Morocco. 

1.     History

The blue buildings are filled with history. The color of the buildings are said to mirror the Moroccan sky, and the designs of the buildings are for religious purposes. Today, Chefchaouen consists of Berber tribespoeple, Muslims and Jewish people. The blue buildings reflect a tradition from Jewish teachings that by dyeing thread with an ancient natural dye, tekhelel, people would be reminded of God’s power.

2.     Exploration

For those looking to explore, Chefchauen offers picturesque views, fitness and adventure. Visit the Rif Mountains for adventure and fitness. Go to valleys, gorges and peaks for amazing landscape and picturesque views.  Plan a day trip to go through the village Jevel el Kelaa, north of the city, and Afeska to go through green forests and see views of the Mediterranean Sea. Chefchauen offers incredible views in any season.

3.     Food

After experiencing the food in this city you’ll come across hundreds of spices, aromatic herbs and a variety of smells. Start by heading to a bakery, where bread is a popular choice because of its distinctive taste and crunch when you bite into it.  Get a Moroccan Style dish for lunch like Tagine. Don’t forget to get mint tea, a Moroccan favorite, to wash down your meals.

4.     Retail

For those who love to shop, head to a medina for Moroccan retail. As you walk through a medina, you’ll find things like hand woven blankets, jewelry, teapots, carpets and spices. One thing to remember when shopping through a medina is to negotiate the pricing to get good deals on all of your Moroccan souvenirs.  

Morocco is filled with culture, beautiful views and authentic food. Spring is a delightful time to visit the country and enjoy all that it offers. To feel like you’re in Morocco in the spring, visit Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro’s Facebook page to learn more about the Moroccan Spring Cooking Demonstration with Chef Moumen.