Celebrate Fridays at Kous Kous

On Fridays it’s a Moroccan tradition to eat couscous. Chef Moumen's goal for Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro is to make people who dine in the restaurant feel like they’re eating in his home in Marraakech. Eating at the bistro on Fridays allows people to feel like they’re a part of the Friday tradition.  


Whether you’re on a date night, out with friends for happy hour, or enjoying dinner with family, Kous Kous gives an experience that helps you relax after a long week. Along with the couscous tradition, Kous Kous also offers delicious tapas and refreshing cocktails as well as craft beer for happy hour. With the combination of authentic food, Moroccan music and exotic décor, an ambience is set for a Friday filled with Moroccan culture.  


The restaurant is an ideal place to unwind after a long week and become a part of the Moroccan tradition of eating couscous on Fridays.  The feeling of family and harmony is what Chef Moumen offers at Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro.