Traditional Moroccan desserts highlight the aromatic flavors of almond, pistachio, cinnamon, oranges and dates. From pastries to pudding, find the dessert that complements your Moroccan meal.

M’hancha – Moroccan Almond Snake Pastry

This sweet pastry, sometimes called Moroccan baklava, includes layers of almond-paste phyllo dough. Shape as a coiled or stretched snake, and garnish with orange flower water-infused honey and almonds.

Fekkas – Crunchy Moroccan Cookies with Sesame Seed

Fekkas have a crunchy texture, similar to biscotti. They can be made with almonds, raisins and sesame seeds, and often are complemented by orange-flower water. Depending on the ingredients, the cookies can be slightly nutty or sweet. Serve these delicious cookies with coffee and tea.

Limun bel-Qerfa o Kyayezzou Mahekouk – Moroccan Sliced Oranges with Cinnamon

This family favorite features sliced oranges, sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and orange-flower water. This light dessert cleanses the palate and leaves diners satisfied.

Rozz bel Hleeb – Moroccan Rice Pudding

This rice pudding dessert features Moroccan flavors of almond and orange-flower water. Food and Wine magazine features a recipe that recommends cooking the rice in two stages, boiling first in water, then simmering in milk.

These delectable desserts can be paired with many Moroccan favorites. If your entrée selections feature several meat dishes, consider ending on a light note with sliced oranges and cinnamon or a small dish of rice pudding. If you served primarily vegetarian dishes, consider a heartier dessert, such as M’hancha. Fekkas are a favorite with coffee and tea, and they pair well with all of the other desserts.

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